About Colposcopy Courses

Colposcopy Courses was established by Professor Albert Singer and his team of highly experienced clinicians to enable medical and nursing practitioners with an interest in colposcopy, to access world class training through online learning.

Professor Singer has run colposcopy teaching courses since 1982, training more than 3000 professionals through courses held at the Whittington and University College Hospitals in central London. Over the last 5 years, Colposcopy Courses has also run regular seminars in China, India, Dubai, Japan and many European countries.

The Colposcopy Course Online is a fully interactive e-learning programme developed by Professor Singer with specific modules presented by leading experts in their field. It enables medical professionals worldwide access to Professor Singer’s extensive knowledge and expertise and is perfect for those who prefer the convenience and flexibility of studying at home or in the office in their own time.

The online course incorporates the latest online learning techniques with high quality graphics, animated slides, explanatory audio and self-assessment. Colposcopy Course Online is accredited by the BCSSP for training purposes and can be completed instead of attending a Basic seminar course. It has also been approved for colposcopy training by the EFC (European Federation for Colposcopy) and accredited by the Norwegian Medical Association.

A further course examining more advanced procedures in colposcopy and the management of cervical and lower genital tract neoplasia will soon be available.

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