Frequently asked questions and responses

1. I bought the course before 5 JANUARY 2020, where do I log in?

We upgraded our website in early 2020 so if you bought either of the courses before then you will need to log in here: https://lms.colposcopycourses.com/global-login

Please email us if you have any problems accessing your course.

2. I can’t pay by credit card or PayPal, I need an invoice

If you need an invoice raised in order to purchase the course, please fill out this form. Contact us on info@colposcopycourses.com if you have any questions.

3. How long will the courses take me to complete?

The courses are designed to take approximately 15-20 hours (on average) to work through. An advantage of online learning is that you can learn at your own speed and review specific areas as often as you need to gain a full understanding. It could take a little longer in some cases.

4. How quickly do I have to complete the online course?

Enrolment gives you access to the online course for one year from when the course fee has been received.

If you do not complete the online course within the year or if you would like to access the course for longer for revision purposes extensions are offered at £50 for 3 months. Please email info@colposcopycourses.com and the support team will assist you with this.

5. What qualifications do I gain from completing the course?

The Colposcopy Course Online has been approved by the BSCCP (The British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology). Completion of the course will be accepted by the BSCCP for training purposes and towards accreditation. The Colposcopy Course Online can be completed instead of attending any of the BSCCP approved Basic seminar courses.

The course has also been approved for colposcopy training by the EFC (European Federation for Colposcopy) and has been accredited by the Norwegian Medical Association, with 16 credit hours in postgraduate and continuing training for physicians in Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

Please note that while the Advanced Course is approved by BSCCP for training and professional development, it has not yet been authorised for the purposes of re-accreditation.

6. Do I need specific software to run the course on my computer?

No. The course is held on our servers and you are enabled access. It does not need to be downloaded. All recent computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones can be used to run the course.

7. When I return to the course, will it remember where I have got to?

Yes, it is simple to see what has been covered and what you have left to do.

8. Is there an exam at the end of the course?

There is a self-assessment process at the end of each module. This will ensure that a full understanding of the principal learning points is achieved. Successful completion of all the modules will enable you to print a certificate confirming you have completed the course.

9. What access do I have to Professor Singer and the other lecturers?

If you have questions regarding the course, Professor Singer and his team will endeavour to answer them. Please email info@colposcopycourses.com. Please restrict any queries to the course material. We are unable to give clinical guidance on specific cases.

10. What happens if I have a technical problem in accessing the course?

Please email info@colposcopycourses.com and the technical team will assist you.